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Our approach is underpinned by analysis of key customer and business data 

to provide real insights that give you confidence in your decisions. 

Sales & Marketing costs have to REDUCE as a % of revenue.


• Our experienced and knowledgeable team is equipped to help you with a wide variety of business problems, issues and challenges.

• We are honest and open in our approach and will discuss your specific requirements and growth objectives in complete confidence.

• We will challenge your plans and thinking, but always in a supportive and pragmatic manner.

• We will use data and evidence to give you confidence when making decisions on the future direction of your business.


LynchBuchanan delivers a cost-effective way to achieve better outcomes 

in terms of acquiring new, higher-value customers,  

improving returns from existing customers - and re-activating lapsed customers.


We also specialise in multi-channel digital - including;

Campaign planning, Adwords, Facebook, Email Marketing, Direct Marketing, Telemarketing Management.

Please talk with us to find out more.


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Our initial Business Value Audit provides a thorough, systematic review of the value of your business. This diagnostic process provides a different perspective on your competitive position and a framework for achieving your growth goals.

Step 1. Create your successful sales enviroment

We combine in-depth, objective analysis of your competitive environment and commercial strategy with an understanding of your business objectives.

Insights into the internal and external factors that shape your business form the basis of the scenarios and plans we develop with you to create a sales environment that will position you to develop sales, profits and business value.

Step 2. Achieve your growth targets

We work with you to qualify your growth targets and draw on best practice strategies to focus your sales and marketing activities to hit and exceed, those targets.

Faced with a finite number of potential B2B customers, you need reliable information, a targeted approach and inside knowledge of how to overcome obstacles to growth - and this has to result in INBOUND LEADS.

Step 3. Steps to growth

As your business consultant, we work with you to define the structures and steps required to grow; defining the optimal mix of activities to boost your day-to-day sales & marketing operations.

We provide the tools to maximise the time your teams spend performing core, growth-focused work, and reduce time spent on tasks that don’t directly advance the business.

The clearer the steps, the more direct the route to growth.

Step 4. Evidence Based

You should only spend money on B2B sales & marketing activities that will generate a net positive return within 12 months. We apply data science to challenge or support gut instinct in driving growth strategies.

Our approach is evidence-based; we create and maintain an open environment for sharing key data and information that allows you to track progress and quantify the benefits we deliver.

Step 5. End-to-end implementation

From our detailed knowledge of your business we access  a great deal of external data to source key competitive intelligence and critical data and information to better support your business decisions and increased sales and profits.

As a genuine partner to your business, we can implement growth plans by delivering flexible, end-to-end online and offline sales & marketing solutions to drive customer acquisition and increase loyalty across new and existing market segments.